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Resort Latorre

3 years or less

All structure and children's programming.

A special place for your little one to stay safe and have fun in the cool toys world. Get into La Torre Kid's Club is like to dive in an universe full of dolls, carts, riding toys, ball pool and everything that kids love.

Open Daily from 09:00 to 22:00.
Located next to the central pool and food court.

Exclusive for kids under age 03 accompanied by their parents.

From 4 to 12 years

Slackline classes for the kids.

Everybody can have fun here! Along with the monitors, kids from ages 04 to 12 are able to enjoy activities for each age group. From circus class, participation in capoeira presentations, water polo, foosball, table tennis, juggling lessons, slackline, climbing wall, tree climbing and many other activities that will make the kids have a lot of fun during their stay at La Torre Resort.

From Babys to 3 years 

At the La Torre your baby has a special attention and there will be lots of options for these little ones have fun. Beside Kids Club and PlayGround, the Resort offers 06 sorts of pools where kids are able to play along with their parents. 

From 04 to 07 years

Kids in this age group have many games to enjoy inside the Resort! Water Polo at the pool, flag hunting at the Beach Club, Capoeira lessons, candy hunting in the Resort's gardens and much more playful and entertaining activities.

From 08 to 12 years

Juggling class, "tree climbing", climbing wall and slackline are some of the activities options for this age profile. They love it!


At La Torre Resort your child will have a completly structure for fun! There are various games and equipment to let the kids feel at ease in the resort, always accompanied by the leisure team specializing in making the children happy.

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