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New Year's Eve La Torre!

After mega productions on 3 consecutives New Year's eve (Stylish Hippie, Casino La Torre and New York), La Torre brings another surprising thrill for the main theme. Make sure you've booked your trip to start this adventure!
Every year there's a different theme
And many surprises
The New Year's eve Gig is the most anticipated event of La Torre. Accustomed to great surprises and sensational attractions, guests start the year with all the energy to make it the best year of their lives!
  • Every year a theme is chosen to celebrate and make a mega production (2016 Stylish Hippie / 2017 Casino La Torre / 2018 New York) We get better year by year so, prepar yourself for New Year's Eve 2019.
  • Internationally recognized artists are on the show.
  • The New Year's Eve dinner is another spectacle apart, since Gastronomy has always been La Torre's strong point.
  • Thematic Decoration is a true cinematographic scene.
  • there is still a Pre-New Year's Eve on the Beach, with Bahian traditions of blessings and good energies for the new year that is coming.
If you are still in doubt about where you want to spend your New Year's Eve with your family or friends, check out the previous ones and imagine: THIS YEAR WILL BE EVEN BETTER!

Live those incredible experiences

Michael Jackson, Madonna and Elvis Presley (covers) have already passed through the stages of the Themed New Year's eve of La Torre. The bands are chosen under strict criteria of structure and repertoire and others artistic presentations are truly Hollywood productions.


Cinematographic scenes, replicas of life-size sculptures, unforgettable characters and details that make our New Year's Eve a trip to a world of surprises and charms, making the party of the turn, an Experience eternalized in everybody's memory.


Gastronomy is one of La Torre's main strengths. Exquisite dishes mixing the contemporary cuisine with the traditional spices of the most varied cuisines in the world. And of course on New Year's Eve, La Torre's biggest party, the Dinner is always very special.


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Conditions: Kids free of charge
One free child for the Standard apartments
And two free kids for the others categories!

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