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The Christmas of your dreams at La Torre!

Christmas feels like a moment which every stars's power pass through us and allows us on making miracles. It is when the most beautiful gestures of solidarity, love and friendship turning into hugs and brightlights that we take for our lives. And to celebrate a special date like this one, it's needed to chose a high level destination.
Incredible Attractions...
Unforgattable Moments 
Those who chose to spend Christmas with us, are always surprised.
  • Starting for our Adventurous Saint Claus,who each year arrives in a more creative way than the other. He'd already arrived on a zipline, in a boat and, the last time, in a helicopter. The kids just loved it! They were waiting anxiously for their presents.
  • The Christmas Dinner is a show apart. A truly gastronomic trip from the traditional Christmas dishes to the new trends in contemporary cuisine.
  • The Children's Choir is exciting and the musical attractions are chosen on a whim to ensure an incredible Christmas evening.
  • We've got one more new this year: Christmas will be at the New Events Park. That's right! It's being doing a second Park at the Resort and the decoration is going to be simply amazing!
Are you still on doubt where to go on Christmas?

Live those incredible experiences

No matter what time of the year, you are going to enjoy the beauty and charming of La Torre's Park, in special the deck with a drink trailer and live music. At this special place of paradise is possible to appreciate the evening with a cold draft beer and a fantastic nature around it.


You, who's coming to La Torre for Christmas, are going to enjoy the best time for the maritime tours beacuse is Summer time in Bahia!!! Imagine the beauty of Recife de Fora's Marine park with all of its marine fauna and flora?! It is a magical world of descoveries!


Here, the comunity's culture and the knowledge of the first Brazil's inhabitants are preservated and shared with travelers. We've got an Oca in our Park where our neighbours Pataxós come to visit us and teach about their beliefs, sciences, dances and cousine.


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Conditions: Kids free of charge
One free child for the Standard apartments
And two free kids for the others categories!

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